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Stonehenge - Marriage of the Gods
1999 - Prof Terence Meaden.

Stonehenge - Marriage of the Gods. Sky News
1999 - Prof Terence Meaden interviewed on Sky TV News.

Stonehenge - Secrets of the Stones
1999 - Prof Terence Meaden, Dr Richard Bradley, Dr Edwin Krupp.

another Stonehenge - Secrets of the Stones (different from above)
1998 - Moving Stonehenge stones, Mark Gillings - Virtual Avebury, Stanton Drew geophys.

Stonehenge Restorations.
Stonehenge Restorations 1913 - 1958.

Chronicle - Cracking the Stone Age Code.
1970. Alexander Thom - Cracking the Stone Age Code.

Stonehenge - The Mind Beyond - Stones.
1976 The Mind Beyond was a six-part series in the long-running BBC series BBC2 Playhouse.
'Stones' was first broadcast on 27th October 1976.

The Magic of Stonehenge
1980. Leonard Nimoy narrates The Magic of Stonehenge.

Stonehenge - Battle of the Beanfield
1985 - the infamous Battle of the Beanfield.

Horizon - Who Built Stonehenge? 1985
1985 - Horizon with Colin Renfrew, Aubrey Burl, Julian Richards and Phil Harding.

Stonehenge - Timewatch 1985
1985 - Timewatch looks at the latest Stonehenge theories.

Stonehenge - Secrets of Lost Empires
1985 - Moving stones to build Stonehenge experiment.

Stonehenge - A Journey back in time
1998 - Lost treasures of the ancient world.

The King of Stonehenge
2003 - The story of the Amesbury Archer.

Foamhenge - Summer Solstice 2005
2005 - Channel 5 build a replica Stonehenge out of Foam.

Durrington, Woodhenge and Cursus Excavations
2006 - Excavations at Durrington Walls, Woodhenge and The Stonehenge Cursus.
Includes a Partial Lunar Eclipse rising over Stonehenge. Filmed by Pete Glastonbury.

Secrets of Stonehenge - Nova
2010 - Evan Hadingham - Nova. Latest excavations by the Stonehenge Riverside Project

Stonehenge - Timewatch
2010 - Profs Darvil and Wainwrights healing stones theory.

Ancient Skies
2011 - Ancient Skies trailor. Time lapse film by Grant Wakefield.


Avebury by John Betjeman
1958 - John Betjeman visits Avebury

Avebury visit HTV
1975. HTV visits Avebury and meets some of the village residents

Avebury Countryways
1975. Countryways. Jim Flegg visits Avebury

The Children of the Stones
1976. The series followed the adventures of astrophysicist Adam Brake and his young son Matthew after they arrive in the small village of Milbury,
which is built in the midst of a megalithic stone circle.

Stigma 1977 BBC Xmas Ghost Story
1977. After a young couple move into a remote country house, workmen accidentally disturb an ancient menhir,
unleashing a supernatural force. (Adult Content)

Arthur C Clarke - Giants For The Gods
1980. Mystifying geoglyphs, giant pictures covering large areas on the ground, appear across the globe, many created by ancient peoples.
They only become recognizable at great distances or are situated away from the common sight of man.

Arthur C Clarke - Riddle of the Stones
1980. Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World - The Riddle of the Stones.

Ken King. Enterprise Culture at Avebury Manor
1985. Ken King moves into Avebury Manor and divideds the village with his plans.

Chronicle - The Curious Journey of William Stukeley
1989 - Romance in the Stones. David Drew presents the story of William Stukeley.

Avebury Time Traveller
1997 - Mick Aston meets with Ros Cleal, Gill Swanton & Peter Tate at Avebury

Avebury - Ridgeway riders
1997 - Midge Ure travels the Ridgeway on motorcycle to Avebury

Avebury - Down to Earth
1998 - John Michell on Ley Lines, Alastair Whittle excavating the Palasades, Billy Bragg on the Cerne Abbas Giant.

Avebury - Documentary
1999 - Andrew Hargreaves documentary around Avebury

Stones Tour of Britain
2001 - From Cornwall to Scotland ,

Avebury - The Village in the Stones
2002 - Investigating the recent history of Avebury's prehistoric stone circle,
using archive footage to reveal the story of the Thirties playboy who
spent millions transforming the village : and the price the residents paid for his obsession.

Avebury - Tales of the Living Dead
2002 - Mystery of The Barber Surgeon.
The skeleton of a man was found buried beneath a large megalith near Avebury.
How did he meet his end beneath a megalith?

Avebury - Excavations at Beckhampton Avenue, Longstones Long Barrow field.
2002 - The Negotiating Avebury Project excavations & Church Tower views. Filmed by Pete Glastonbury.

Avebury - Excavations at Falkners Circle & West Kennet Avenue buried stone.
2002 - The Negotiating Avebury Project excavations. Filmed by Pete Glastonbury.

Avebury - Excavations at Beckhampton Avenue.
2003 - The Negotiating Avebury Project excavations. Filmed by Pete Glastonbury. (No Sound)

Avebury - Time Flyers Avenue to Avebury.
2003 - probably the worst ever program about Avebury where Mark Horton burns a stone that caused local outrage.

Avebury - Sacred Sites
2004 - Carenza Lewis visits Avebury and talks to those who claim to feel it's sacred nature.

Marden Henge Excavations 2010
2010 - Footage of Marden excavation trenches. Filmed by Pete Glastonbury.

Marden Henge Excavations 2010. TV Reports
2010 - Live TV coverage of the Marden dig.


Avebury & Silbury by John Betjeman
1958 - John Betjeman visits Silbury Hill and Avebury

Chronicle - The Silbury Dig
1969 - Chronicle filmed excavations at the Silbury Mound from 1968 to 1970
Presented by Magnus Magnusson with Prof Richard Atkinson.

Silbury the Heart of the Hill
2007 - Documentary following the final archaeological exploration of the interior of
Silbury hill. Presented by Neil Oliver & Bettany Hughes.

Silbury Tunnel Visit 2007
2007. A view of the empty Silbury tunnel filmed by Pete Glastonbury (No Sound)

Silbury Hill. Newsnights last visit.
2007 - Newsnight are the last journalists to visit the interior of the hill.

Other Films

Priddy Damage 2010.
TV reports on the damage done to the Priddy Henge in 2010.

Stanton Drew.
TV reports on the discoveries at Stanton Drew

Olmec Heads.
An experiment in carving Olmec Heads.

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